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For the past few decades, technology has, indeed, been advancing extremely rapidly. We have seen advances not only in the more necessary fields such as medicine and food but also in the less essential ones such as recreation. Of all of the advancements, perhaps, one of the most influential is the invention and development of the mobile phone. Mobile phones have become so important to us that many thinkers believe that they are actually extensions of our cognition. They store information for future use and help us perform tasks just like our minds do!

Once we have come up to the conclusion that phones are, indeed, hugely significant, we can logically conclude that spending the extra money to invest in a better phone is the right choice. After all, any phone with a camera can help you take pictures but only phones with premium cameras will aid you in capturing precious moments in a way that you can relish them for the rest of your life. In a similar manner, any cell that has been released lately will give you the opportunity to get online but only quality phones that have speedy processors will assist in taking advantage of super high speeds like the ones enabled by the fastest Comcast internet plans.

By now, we are sure that you have been persuaded that an investment in a top-notch phone is the way to go. And when it comes to top-notch phones, there are no better specimens than the iPhones. This is why, in this piece, we will be describing all the latest versions of iPhones.

iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 is the standard version of the latest iPhone. For now, anyone can buy it at the price tag of 800 bucks. As we will lay out the features of the phone, you will yourself agree that that price is really not that expensive for what you get in return. The features of this year’s iPhones are:

  • Screen: the iPhone 13 boasts a pretty sizeable screen totaling up to 6.1 inches. The resolution is 1170 * 2532 pi. It is also resistant to scratches because it is made up of specialized ceramic glass.
  • Cameras: The back camera is very impressive with a twelve-megapixel wide lens as well as another twelve-megapixel ultra-wide lens. The best part about the camera, and perhaps the entire phone, is that the videos you can take from it are as good as 4K! The front-facing selfie camera is also twelve megapixels. This camera helps Apple users talk to each other through Facetime – the famous Apple app.
  • Battery Life: The battery life of the iPhone 13 far outperforms that of the iPhone 12 – its predecessor. It is a lithium-ion battery totaling up to 3240 maAh. As you would expect from any high-end Apple phone, you can charge the iPhone 13 wirelessly as well as through cable. Fast charging is also an option.

iPhone 13 Pro

There are many awesome mobiles in the cell phone world right now but if someone were to ask our humble opinion, the iPhone 13 Pro is arguably the best phone out there in the whole wide world. Alongside the two rear lenses in the iPhone 13, there is also a third lens in the Pro version. This addition takes up the quality of the camera to a purely cinematic level. All the amazing features packed inside it alongside its sleek stainless steel body make this phone the leader in the industry. As of now, about a thousand bucks is what this phone costs. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is a version of this phone with a larger screen (6.7 inches). It can be bought for approximately eleven hundred bucks.

iPhone 13 Mini

As the name implies, the iPhone 13 Mini is a smaller version of the standard iPhone 13. The screen of this phone is 5.4 inches – that is 0.7 inches shorter than the screen of the iPhone 13 (6.1 inches). The diminishing of the size of the phone is not, by any means, accompanied by the diminishing of specs. The camera and the processor are as good as they are in the standard model. The phone can be bought for seven hundred dollars on the market.


We are optimistic that this post has made you realize how impressive the iPhone 13 series of phones are. Hopefully, this post also helped you figure out which one of the latest iPhones best fits your needs.

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