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The iPhone 12 Pro is a powerful device that provides a host of imposing features such as an all-new, updated design, Super Retina XDR, MagSafe, iOS 14 and more. Apple also decided to make all of the iPhone 12 Series models with wireless Wi-Fi 6 and support for 5G networks futureproof in addition to these exciting features. One of the most impressive features of the iPhone 12 series is the introduction of 5G connectivity across the entire line-up.

You can destroy all of the experience if you have an iPhone 12 Pro or any other iPhone 12 series model that cannot experience the breathtaking fast speed of the 5G network. Although 5G Auto is activated by default on the iPhone 12 Pro, many users have reported that 5G doesn’t work on iPhone 12 or that they have problems getting 5G to work on iPhone 12 Pro. Instances may also exist when 5G has been enabled, but the 5G icon is not seen in your iPhone’s status bar. We’re here to help you if you are facing iPhone 12 5G problem. Here are a few workarounds you can follow to solve iPhone 12 5G issues.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix 5G problem on iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

8 ways to fix iPhone 12 5G problems

This is what you can do if 5G is not working on iPhone 12/12 Mini/12 Pro/ 12 Pro Max. Follow the steps in the same sequence as described below. After each step, check if you can use 5G on your iPhone.

1. Make sure 5G is supported by your network carrier

You must ensure that your network carrier supports 5G first and foremost. You may need to contact your network provider and check whether it supports 5G networks if your iPhone 12 is unable to use 5G. You must also ensure that 5G network coverage is available in your area.

It is important to be aware that 5G networks in all regions are not currently widely available. Not every 5G network is the same, too. One 5G band such as the Sub-6 5G could be a little quicker than LTE. The more frequent radio bands (mmWave 5G) on a flip side can help you experience speeds which cannot even match your home Wi-Fi.

If your carrier doesn’t support 5G network, or there’s no 5G network coverage in your area, even if the feature is enabled, you’ll not be able to access 5G on your iPhone 12.

2. Check your SIM

If you have purchased your iPhone 12 through your carrier or Apple including carrier activation, your SIM card shouldn’t be a problem. In contrast you must call your network provider and verify that you can upgrade your existing SIM to 5G if you purchased a SIM-free model, and use your previous SIM. Sometimes, to access the 5G service on your iPhone 12 you may even have to replace the old SIM with a new SIM. If 5G doesn’t work on your iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini or the 12 Pro models, be sure that your network provider has the latest / upgraded SIM.

3. Check whether 5G is activated

You will see a 5G, 5G + or 5G(UW) icon on the Status Bar if you have a 5G coverage and your 5G mobile plan has been activated, to ensure that 5G works on your iPhone 12. If you do not see 5G in your status bar, you may have disabled 5G erroneously on your iPhone, so you cannot run 5G on your iPhone 12.

Follow these steps to double-check:

  1. Go to Settings > Cellular
  2. Tap Mobile Data Options
  3. Choose Voice and Data
  4. 5G Auto on iPhone 12 5 will be selected by default. If the settings have been changed to LTE, return them to 5G Auto.

As noted, on all iPhone 12 models, “5G Auto” is selected by default. Your iPhone 12 will therefore use 5G for additional speed tasks. For instance, if your device uses 5G on your iPhone 12 to download all the files simultaneously and switch to LTE for other tasks such as background updates. However, you can select the “5G ON” option if you want to experience flashingly quick 5G speeds for almost everything.

For that purpose, follow the steps above and choose the option “5G ON” in step 4.

You should always know that a 5G network requires an additional battery, so you can experience drainage on your iPhone. Many users reported problems with iOS 14 battery drain. If you have similar problems, check our problem solving guide to fix iOS 14 battery drain problems.

4. Check your plan

You need to check that your plan includes 5G connectivity once you are certain that your network carrier and SIM supports 5G. Sometimes you may have to have another 5G plan on your iPhone 12. If you use Verizon, you need to change plan to use iPhone 12 with 5G. Furthermore, AT&T informs the customers that they might need to upgrade their plans.

Furthermore, 5G can not work properly in your area if your iPhone 12 automatically switches to LTE to save battery. If so, ask the family member or a family member who lives in the same area and on the same network to check whether they are able to use 5G on their phones that are compatible with 5G. If the concern is one and the other, it is best to wait and check again some time later.

Another significant aspect comes here. You may have a limited data plan and ON ‘Allow more data in 5G’ data mode. You may have a limited data plan. In such cases, you may be missing data, which is why 5G does not work on your iPhone 12. You may still think there’s something wrong with your iPhone, but it’s the data plan that makes it difficult for you to access 5G on your iPhone 12.

5. Toggle Airplane Mode

Sometimes you’ve enabled the 5G-connectivity, but you can’t see the 5G icon at the status bar on an iPhone 12/12 Mini. Apple recommends that you switch ON and OFF Airplane mode on your iPhone in such instances. In addition, you should toggle Airplane mode when you are not able to see 5G network options on your device. Many of our users facing network problems on their iPhone 12 have reportedly fixed these issues with their super quick and easy trick like the sudden decline in signals, no service issues or no 5G. So you can turn ON and OFF Airplane Mode on your devices if 5G is not working on iPhone12 or iPhone12 Pro.

Follow one of these steps for this purpose:

  1. Launch the control center and tap to enable Airplane mode. Wait for a few seconds and tap turn off Airplane Mode
  2. Go to Settings > Airplane mode. Turn the ON slider, wait 4-5 seconds, then turn the OFF slider.

If you were unable to see 5G options in the Cellular Data settings, go back again and check to see 5G option is available.

6. Using dual SIM?

In 2018, Apple launched iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR with dual SIM. There is an important thing for you to note if you’re using dual SIM on any iPhone 12 series model

If you have two lines on your iPhone 12 with Dual SIM mode and realize that 5G isn’t working on your device, it’s due to some limitations in dual SIM mode. Simply put, you cannot use 5G on your iPhone 12 together with the other SIM if two SIM cards are used, and one of them does not have 5G network support. In those cases, the two lines are switched to LTE automatically. To avoid these situations, either you should use a single 5G SIM or make sure that both of them support 5G connectivity if you want to use dual SIMs.

It’s worth pointing out that 5G data are supported in mainland China when using two active SIMs in dual SIM mode. However, 5G Stand alone is not available.

7. Using low power mode?

You should check if your phone’s low power mode is enabled if the 5G does not work with your iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max. We’re all aware that the low power mode saves battery on your iPhone, and because the 5G service consumes additional battery, when your phone is low power mode your iPhone 12 automatically limits 5G. Therefore, 5G is automatically disabled when your iPhone enters the low-power mode, except during video streaming. Note that Low Power Mode also disable 5G Standalone in Mainland China.

If you want to use 5G on your iPhone 12, charge your device adequately and then deactivate the low power mode to prevent a limited 5G.

8. Have you turned on data roaming?

It is important to be clear at the moment that no iPhone 12 series model, including the maxed-out variant iPhone 12 Pro Max, can be used by 5G networks when ON data roaming has been switched on. This is because the network carrier around the world continues to work to deploy its 5G roaming assistance. Therefore, you will get mobile data through LTE or 4G networks when you are travelling and have enabled data roaming on your iPhone 12. In case you want to use 5G networks when traveling, in the country where you are in you, you can receive a local SIM card or eSIM and, as available, use it as a 5G line.

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