Fitness app not working on iPhone 12 Pro? Fix

This article explains how you can troubleshoot when the fitness app is not working on iPhone 12 Pro.

The fitness app on your iPhone lets you view your activity progress and history.

With the fitness app, you can track your activity and progress, so that you can optimize your workouts. The data that your Apple Watch collects should sync automatically and wirelessly with your iPhone. Sometimes you may start having problems. Sometimes you may notice that the fitness App is not working correctly – the Fitness app keeps freezing or crashing when you try to open it. The app often quits unexpectedly when reviewing workouts. And for some users, the Fitness app does not open up at all. Sometimes sync may fail. If your activity isn’t syncing, meaning the fitness app on your iPhone 12 Pro is not updating; we’ve got you covered.

If you are facing this Fitness app-related annoyance on your iPhone 12 Pro, here are some of the troubleshooting steps that you can take and fix this issue.

After you try each step below, please check to see if your problem is fixed.

Fix fitness App not working on iPhone 12 Pro:

1. Make sure that the Bluetooth setting on your iPhone is turned on: Go to Settings > Bluetooth.

2. Make sure that your watch’s battery isn’t critically low.

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3. Turn on and wait a few seconds and turn off Airplane Mode on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

On your iPhone: Go to Settings > Airplane Mode.
On your watch: Go to Settings > Airplane Mode.

4. Restart your iPhone. To do so: Go to Settings > General and Shut Down

5. Restart your Apple Watch: To do so: Press and hold the side button and then slide the Power Off slider. To power your watch on again, press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.

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6. Try these steps:

Close the fitness app on your iPhone. To do so: Go to Home screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, you will see the most recently used apps, find the fitness app, and then swipe up on the app.

On your Apple Watch, go to the Home screen by pressing the Digital Crown. Then launch the fitness app. Firmly press the display. This will open the fitness app options. activity goal Tap Change Move Goal and slightly change your daily move goal and tap the red Update button.
Check to see if your issue is fixed.

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7. Make sure that your iPhone and your Apple Watch have the latest software version.

To update your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Update.
To update your Apple Watch, place your Watch on its charger, and then on your iPhone, open the Watch app, and tap My Watch and then tap General > Software Update.
8. Check your settings. On your iPhone, ensure that the following settings are turned on.

Settings > Privacy > Location Services and ensure that Location Services is enabled.
Again go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and tap System Services and then make sure that Motion Calibration & Distance is turned on.

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9. Calibrate your watch. This involves at least 20 minutes of outdoor running or walking on a flat surface. Follow the steps below:

Wear your Apple watch.
Go outdoors. Make sure there is a clear view of the sky. The area should be flat.
Open the Workout app and select Outdoor Walk or Outdoor Run.
Walk or run at least 20 minutes. When you are done, end the activity.
You may also want to reset your calibration data by opening the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Then go to My Watch tab, then tap Privacy > Reset Fitness Calibration Data.

10. Unpair your Apple Watch. Please note that you will have to repair again with your Apple Watch to use your device again. On your iPhone, open the Watch app, then tap My Watch (bottom of the screen) > your Watch (top of the screen). Now tap the (i) icon next to the Watch icon. And tap Unpair Apple Watch. And confirm this by tapping Unpair Apple Watch.

You will also have to enter your Apple ID to unpair your Apple Watch. By entering your Apple ID password, you will remove this watch from your account and disable Activation Lock. Enter your Apple ID password and then tap Unpair. And then pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone.

Fitness app not working on iPhone 12 Pro still?

We hope that you were able to fix the fitness app-related issues with some of the troubleshooting tips highlighted above.

If you are still having challenges, you may want to contact Apple support and have them assist you.

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