How to Backup Your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch via iCloud or Computer


If you lose or damage your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch or if your iPhone gets disabled, you don’t want to be losing all of your data. Think about all of the Photos, music, videos, messages, Contacts, and other precious data on your iPhone. If you lose or damage one device, you could end up losing a significant chunk of your life. There’s one easy and effective way to ensure that you never lose data — backups.

Fortunately, Apple makes it easy to back up an iOS device and most people won’t need to pay anything to do this. There are two methods to backup your data — computer, and iCloud. In this article, will show you both methods of backing up your data.

How to backup iPhone via iCloud

If you don’t have a PC or a Mac, backing up on iCloud may be your best option. The free tier on iCloud offers just 5GB of storage space and that might mean you’ll need to shell out a small sum of Rs. 75 (or $1) per month for 50GB of iCloud storage, that should be sufficient for iCloud backups and other purposes like storing your photos using the iCloud Photo Library.

Follow the steps below to ensure that your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is backed up regularly on iCloud.

On your iPhone, iPad, all iPod Touch, open Settings > tap your name at the top of the screen > iCloud > iCloud Backup.
Tap the button next to iCloud Backup to turn it on. If it’s green, backups are on.
Tap Backup Now if you want to manually perform a backup.
This will backup important data such as accounts, contacts, documents, Health data, etc. Backups will happen automatically when your iOS device is locked, connected to a Wi-Fi network, and plugged to a Power source.

iCloud backups are preferred because they happen automatically, without you needing to initiate the process, which ensures that your backups are up to date.

When you sign in to another iOS device with these iCloud credentials, you’ll be asked whether you want to restore from a backup.

How to backup iPhone via computer

Backing up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch via computer is a better option in many ways — it is free, it lets you backup all your files including purchased apps (so you don’t have to reinstall apps if you purchase a new iOS device), and doesn’t require Internet. Follow these steps to backup your iOS device via computer:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to your PC or Mac.

Step 2: On a Mac running macOS Catalina 10.15, launch Finder. On a Mac running macOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier, or on a PC, launch iTunes.

Step 3: If you see a popup asking for your device passcode or to Trust This Computer, follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 4: Locate your device on your computer and hit Back Up Now.

To restore from an computer backup, you will need to connect the iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch to the same computer.

That’s how you can backup your iOS device. For more tutorials, visit our How To section.

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