How to Extend iPhone 12 mini Battery Life


So you got yourself a shiny new iPhone 12 mini but you’re so addicted that the battery is draining so fast, what you need is a couple of tips to keep your battery running for as long as possible, and we’ve got them here. Continue reading to learn how to extend iPhone 12 mini battery life.

Many of these tips are going to be common sense, and won’t be a surprise to the more geeky readers, but now you’ll have an article you can send to your less geek friends and relatives when they ask you how to extend iPhone 12 mini battery life. And we’ve got an article on How to Extend iPhone 12 Battery Life too.

How to extend iPhone 12 mini battery life

Without any further ado, here is how to make iPhone 12 mini battery last longer:

Keep Your iPhone 12 mini Out of the Sun

Whatever you do, don’t leave your iPhone 12 mini sitting in a hot car—heat kills batteries faster than any other factor, and your device that used to keep a charge for hours will eventually barely hold a charge, and you’ll have to pay Apple to get it replaced. The same thing holds true for any really hot environment: try and store your device in a cool place.

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Lower the Screen Brightness

If you keep the screen at maximum brightness all the time, you’re wasting a lot of battery life—and the screens these days are so bright anyway that you don’t really need to, especially at night. Head into Settings -> Display & Brightness to adjust the default level of brightness, which you can probably keep as low as 30% most of the time.

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Make Sure the Screen Locks Quickly

Even if you’ve adjusted the screen brightness, there’s still no substitute for having it turn off quickly when you’re not using it. Head into Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Auto-Lock to set the screen lock to happen as quickly as your device will let you. This makes a big difference if you are always picking up your phone and putting it back into your pocket without turning the display off.

Use Airplane Mode When You Don’t Need Internet

If you’re busy spending the next 8 hours listening to an audio book there might not be a good reason to have internet access, so you can consider using Airplane Mode, which turns off both Wi-Fi and the regular wireless radio. Of course, this will prevent phone calls if you’re on an iPhone—but if you’re busy listening to an audio book you probably don’t want the interruption anyway.

The more important reason to use Airplane Mode is when you’re mobile in an area with a really spotty connection—because the iPhone 12 mini will try to stay connected at all times, it’s going to be constantly searching for a connection, which can drain your battery. Head into Settings and flip the Airplane Mode switch right up at the top of the screen.

Use Wi-Fi Instead of 4G if Possible

Wi-Fi is better than 4G for battery life.

You can enable Wi-Fi under Settings -> Wi-Fi, and then pick the network you’d like to connect to.

Reduce or Eliminate Mail Checking

If you’ve got a bunch of email configured, and they are all being checked and downloading email on a regular basis, you’ll be draining the battery an awful lot faster than you need to.

Head into Settings -> Mail -> Accounts -> Fetch New Data and change the setting to the least frequent check possible. If you don’t use it often, you can just turn Push off entirely and then manually check when you need to. This will improve iPhone 12 mini battery life.

Reduce or Eliminate Push Notifications

Do you really need notifications from Facebook or whatever other apps you’re running? You can turn these off one-by-one, or turn off Push entirely by heading into Settings -> Notifications, and save a bit of extra battery life since your device won’t be pulling in data for those applications anymore.

Reduce or Eliminate System Sounds

This one is probably a little silly, but if you really don’t care for the system sounds you can save a small amount of battery life by removing the sounds. A very, very small amount, most likely. Head into Settings -> Sounds & Haptics to change them.

Disable Location Services

If you don’t really need the location services, you can disable them to save some battery life. Head into Settings -> Privacy and flip the Location Services setting to off.

Disable Bluetooth If You Don’t Need It

If you don’t use a Bluetooth headset or keyboard, you should keep the Bluetooth radio disabled to extend iPhone 12 mini battery life. Head into Settings -> Bluetooth to flip it off.

Disable Vibrate Feature in Games

If you’ve got a game that uses the vibrate feature, you can turn that off to extend iPhone 12 mini battery life. This mostly matters if the game heavily uses it, and you’ll need to change the setting for the game. As a side note, and it should go without saying, if you’re running really intensive video games, they will kill your battery very quickly.

Discharge Your Battery Occasionally

It’s a good idea for your battery to be fully discharged and recharged at least once a month to calibrate iPhone battery life estimate and keep it from dying without warning. You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t store the device with a dead battery, as that can also cause the battery to lose charge capability—when your battery dies, make sure to recharge it quickly.

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How to make iPhone 12 mini battery last

That’s it for our tips on how to extend iPhone 12 mini battery life. How do you extend battery life on your iPhone 12 mini? Share your experience in the comments.

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