How to Identify a Fake Apple Watch


Fake Apple Watch are made by many different manufacturers whose aim is to create a convincing copy that resembles the original for as cheap as possible. In most cases, clone Apple Watch are usually produced before an official release based on rumors or after the official release. If you don’t want to waste your cash on a counterfeit Apple watch that won’t work properly, there are a few signs of an Apple Watch Clone which you need to know.
How to spot a fake Apple Watch
Be warned that there are many fake Apple Watch for sale and while clones or fakes are becoming increasingly more popular you can still tell the difference. The last thing you want is to buy an Apple Watch clone. So if you are worried that you may buy a fake Apple Watch or a Clone Apple Watch then this comprehensive guide is for you.
Here is the step-by-step guide which will help you to spot a fake Apple watch and distinguish it from the original.

How can I tell if an Apple Watch is fake?

Follow this guide to learn how to spot a fake Apple Watch series 3, Fake Apple Watch series 4 or Fake Apple Watch series 5.

What to look out for when looking for a Fake Apple Watch

Assuming you have an Apple Watch replica in your hand, you should examine these physical characteristics to make sure that you don’t end up with a fake Apple watch 3, fake Apple Watch 4 or fake Apple Watch 5. We can’t be confident it’s
genuine- it could just be a convincing counterfeit – but these indicators will determine real vs fake Apple Watch.

1. Wrong size

According to
Apple,the official dimensions of a genuine Apple Watch are as follows:

  • smaller 38mm model: 38.6 x 33.3 x 10.5mm
  • 42mm model: 42.0 x 35.9
    x 10.5mm

It’s quite challenging for the fake Apple Watch manufacturers to match Apple’s engineering capabilities. Consequently, many fakes are thicker than
the original

In case you have scales, be sure to check the weight as well. Various Apple Watch weigh differently:

  • stainless steel 38mm model with classic buckle (watch plus strap): 56g
  • stainless steel 42mm model with stainless steel link band: 125g

2. Check the controls

Whether you are left or right handed, the Digital Crown should be positioned at the top
Right side of the watch. On a fake Apple Watch, it can be positioned in different places.
the microphone and speaker openings are supposed to be located on
the other side of the watch.

3. Check the back of the watch

All Apple Watch models are equipped with heart rate sensors and spec text on the rear. Original Apple Watch has 4
Round sensors in a diamond pattern: the left and right ones are slightly dark in color, while the top and bottom sensors are white.
If you see different arrangement of sensors or absence of sensor on the back of the Watch, then it’s a fake.

4. Check the Packaging

Just as we pointed out in our article about
How To Spot A Fake iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max?always look for irregularities in packaging to the official retail packaging from Apple. In case you see a unofficial color of box art
then in all probability, you have a fake Apple Watch.

Keep in mind to inspect the charger. Original Apple Watch has a magnetic induction charger that the watch sits on while charging. Most fake Apple Watches chargers are designed differently while some do not work at all. If you try charging the watch and it doesn’t work, then in all probability you have a fake. Moreover, if your watch doesn’t produce a little ding after placing it on magnetic charge to indicate charging has started, then in all probability, it’s a fake.

5. Check the interface

The Original Apple Watch should have the built-in Apple native applications such as phone, Calendar, Settings, messages, breathing, activities, Photos and more. If you miss some of these apps, the watch could be fake. In addition, most fake manufacturers are unable to imitate the interface and over all users experience of an original Apple Watch. Power on your Apple Watch and launch a couple of apps: Fake Apple Watch is slow and unresponsive. If the touchscreen does not respond to the swipes then it’s a fake.

6. Check out the box

Original Apple Watch box is white,
blue, pink, black etcetera, with round edges and soft to the touch. If you see a unofficial color of box art then you know what it is, a clone!
It’s also worth noting that the Apple logo is positioned at the top, while information about the watch
is written on the sides. If you spot wrong information that may be printed on the box such as spelling mistakes, we have some bad news for you: it’s a fake.


  • Take it to Apple Store. In case you have some doubts go to the nearest Apple store.
    Ask for the
    AppleGenius bar
    to inspect your Apple Watch. They can run a diagnostic test to check if your Apple Watch is fake or real.
    This is the most reliable and guaranteed way of checking whether you have a fake Apple Watch, however, it will generally be the
    most challenging to realize.
    In most cases, brokers will not allow you to take the product into an Apple Store for inspection. They will only allow you to check the product from their home or business premises. Moreover, the Apple employee is likely to decline to offer any help; in any case, you’re purchasing second hand device and apple doesn’t get anything in return. If you are lucky you can get help, but note that there is no guarantee.
  • Visit Apple official website and take a look at the photography to see if you could spot any irregularities. Apple is remarkably meticulous about the consistency and details of its products. Moreover, the objects it releases are steady in terms of appearance, feel and build quality.
  • Ask about the warranty: Fake Apple Watch sellers will not give you a warranty to a certified Apple Watch service center.

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