Internet not working on iPhone 12 Pro? Fix

Is Internet not working on iPhone 12 Pro? Learn how to troubleshoot Internet connectivity problems and get back online!

Of all the types of iPhone 12 Pro issues you can have, Internet problems are one of the worst. Though our iPhones can do a lot offline, being cut off from the internet isn’t fun. Even worse, when you can’t get online, it’s more difficult to research fixes for your problem.

Let’s step through the basic process of how to troubleshoot iPhone 12 Pro Internet problems. That way, next time you open up Safari to a “Safari cannot open the page because your iPhone is not connected to the Internet” message, you’ll know what to do.

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Before you start troubleshooting,:
Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on: Go to Settings > Wi-Fi.

Make sure your iPhone is not in Airplane Mode: Go to Settings > Airplane Mode

Try moving your iPhone closer to your router. Because you may be outside of wireless signal range.

Turn Wi-Fi off wait a few seconds and then turn on.

If Internet is not working after trying the above tips, follow these steps. After each step, try connecting to a website to verify that your connection is fixed. If it still doesn’t work, continue to the next solution.

Fix Internet not working on iPhone 12 Pro

1. Make Sure It’s Actually Your Network Problem

Sometimes, what seems like an issue with your network is actually a problem on a specific website’s end. If you can’t get on Twitter, for instance, check another few websites to make sure that the problem isn’t just with a single site.

You can visit, which is a short URL for the site Down for Everyone or Just Me?, to easily check if a website is down for everyone. Simply enter the URL and you’ll see where the issue lies.

If a site is down for everyone, you’ll have to wait until it’s fixed. But if the problem is only affecting you, continue on to troubleshoot.

2. Confirm Other Devices Can’t Connect Either

Before you do any troubleshooting, it’s important to determine whether your iPhone 12 Pro is the only device with no internet connection. Grab another phone or your computer that’s connected to your Wi-Fi network and see if it’s online properly—try streaming a YouTube video or similar to check.

On your iPhone, you can visit Settings > Wi-Fi and check for a No Internet Connection message under your network name.

If your iPhone 12 Pro won’t connect but others will, this is likely due to a misconfigured setting on just your phone. But if you have no internet on every device, the problem lies with your network equipment.

Before you proceed, if the problem affects all your devices, you should perform a quick test. Disconnect the Ethernet cable that connects your modem to your router, and use it to connect your PC to the modem directly instead.

If you can get online with this setup, the problem lies with your router. Should you proceed through the following troubleshooting and not find the fix for your issue, your router is likely faulty.

3. Reboot Your iPhone

This step isn’t necessary if your connection issue is affecting multiple devices.

As with many issues, rebooting your iPhone is the first troubleshooting step you should try. If you’re lucky, you might clear up some temporary glitch by restarting and fix your network connection issue.

Go to settings > general > shut down.

4. Reboot Your Modem and Router

Since most Internet issues involve your modem and/or router, rebooting them next makes sense. While some routers offer the option to reboot through an interface, you don’t necessarily need to do this. Simply pull the power plug from both devices and leave them unplugged for a few minutes.

Plug the modem in first, let it boot up, then plug in your router again. Wait a few minutes for them to start back up fully. While you’re doing this, confirm that your router and modem are working properly. If you don’t see any lights on one of the devices, or the lights are flashing in an irregular pattern, you may have a bad piece of hardware.

If you find Internet not working on iPhone 12 Pro even after this, continue on—your issue is more complex than a basic reboot.

Note that you’re simply rebooting, not resetting, your iPhone. Resetting means putting the device back to its factory default settings; you don’t need to do that yet!

5. Forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect

Forgetting the network and then reconnecting is the next solution that might solve your problem. To do this, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and you will see a list of available Wi-Fi networks; now tap on the blue (i) information sign next to the Wi-Fi network that you are unable to connect to. Now tap “Forget This Network”.

Now reconnect to the same network with your password. you’ll find it on a small sticker that’s located on the back or the bottom of your router. The password is case sensitive, which is something to keep in mind when entering it.

6. Disable VPN

This step isn’t necessary if your connection issue is affecting multiple devices.

Another uncommon, but plausible, scenario is that you have some VPN app on your iPhone preventing access to the internet. Some VPN have had problems in the past where glitched updates block some websites, or even the entire internet, for no good reason.

Disable any VPN apps you may have installed and see if your connection comes back. If it does, you may need to change the settings in your VPN app or consider using an alternative solution.

7. Update

Update your Wi-Fi router’s firmware. To do this, see your routers manual. Also update your iPhone. To update the iOS software wirelessly, you can go to Settings > General > Software Update. But your devices must be connected to the Internet. Can you join another network for this step? Or you may go to a different place. If not, you can update with iTunes by connecting your iPhone to your computer. Then on your computer, open iTunes, then select iPhone and click Update.

8. Reset Your Network

At this point, if you’ve proceeded through all these steps and still have iPhone 12 Pro Internet problem, there’s not much you can do other than reset your network settings.

If your iPhone 12 Pro is the only device you can’t connect with, you can reset its network configuration by visiting Settings > General > Reset. Click the reset network settings button, then enter your password to confirm.

This will completely remove all network configurations and set all your network settings back to the defaults. You’ll have to set everything up again, including VPN app, but it might be the fix you need.

9. Contact Your ISP

If the above methods don’t work, your next best option is to find out if your ISP is having issues.

Using your smartphone will prove useful here, as you can look up an outage map (like for your provider. Searching Twitter to see if others in your area are experiencing issues can help as well.

If you don’t see anything of note online, try giving your ISP a call to see if there are known outages. Perhaps line issues are affecting a small area; a representative should be able to run tests to check.

10. Wait the Internet Problems Out

Once you’ve let your ISP know of the issue and confirmed that it’s not just your iPhone 12 Pro having a problem, all you can do is wait. Many times, you can’t fix internet issues on your own.

If your ISP is aware of the issues, hopefully they’ll get everything fixed in a short time. Meanwhile, you can take the opportunity to enjoy reading a book, going for a walk, or something else that’s offline.

Don’t fear Internet not working on iPhone 12 Pro any longer

Hopefully, you don’t have to factory reset your iPhone to fix your connection issue. One of the earlier steps should take care of it, but there’s no perfect formula for network issues. If you follow all the steps, you’ve confirmed that your devices are set up correctly and you don’t have anything blocking the connection.

It’s possible to jump into more comprehensive troubleshooting if you desire. However, it might be worth contacting a network-savvy friend for further help instead.

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