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If you’re having problems with your iPad Pro 2020 battery, chances are, you’re not alone. Despite the iPad Pro obvious charm, the tablet can sometimes cause quite the headache when it comes to its battery.

Since the iPad Pro 2020 was introduced, it has faced numerous reports of poor battery life. Apple has tried to remedy the situation and has, for the most part, done a great job. There are, however, instances in which iPad Pro 2020 users are still reporting problems such as poor battery life as well as, iPad Pro not holding a charge.

You may not think this affects you, until the day you don’t have enough juice to capture your kid’s big solo debut with his/her school’s orchestra. You can avoid this, and countless other issues, through troubleshooting measures that can help improve the overall battery life of your iPad Pro 2020.

So, what can you do to solve iPad Pro 2020 battery drain issue? Here’s our list of nine helpful troubleshooting tips that just might do the trick.

How to fix iPad Pro 2020 battery drain issue

Without any further ado, let’s find out why your iPad Pro 2020 battery is dying so fast and how to fix the issue!

Pro tip: Don’t forget to use the iPad’s battery monitoring screen (Settings app > Battery) to identify troublesome apps when going over some of the fixes below.

Fix 1: RESTART your iPad Pro

sometimes, a simple restart is enough to fix iPad Pro 2020 battery drain issue. A restart clears the iPadOS cache and likely puts a stop to the rogue processes that go haywire in the background.

To restart your iPad Pro 2020: hold down both the Power button and either Volume buttons for a few seconds. On the Slide to Power Off Prompt that appears, swipe it from left to right.

Once your iPad Pro shuts down completely, press and hold the Power button again to power it back on.


Sometimes, iPad Pro 2020 may have trouble dealing with certain apps and adversely impact battery life. I also have experienced issues with overheating when that happens.

In such cases, force-quitting the troublesome app works as a temporary fix. You can quit the app by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the app switcher.

Then, swipe up the app card upwards to forcibly remove it from memory. Try re-opening the app — it likely won’t drain the battery, like it did before.


Not all apps are optimized to work properly on iPad Pro 2020. As such, some apps are bound to make the iPad go crazy with its battery usage. While force-quitting and relaunching troublesome apps will help to a certain extent, you can’t go on doing that forever.

That is why it’s advisable to keep your apps updated all the time. You can enable automatic app updates. They contain loads of bug fixes and will not only resolve issues with battery life but also take care of other problems as well.

If a certain app hasn’t been updated in a long period of time, don’t forget to reach out to the app developer to nudge them into pushing one out.


Its a good practice to update your iPad to the latest the iPadOS whenever a new version pops up. iPadOS is still a fledgling operating system (despite its deep roots in iOS), which means that Apple makes a ton of improvements and bug fixes in each incremental update. I have experienced better battery life after each update, so don’t skip out on them.

To update iPadOS, head to Settings, tap General, and then tap Software Update. If you see a new update, tap Download and Install.


Lots of apps on your iPad refresh in the background so that you have access to up-to-date data without any delays. While this is convenient, background apps consume more power and are a recipe for disaster on an unstable operating system such as iPadOS beta.

If you are experiencing battery drain issues on your iPad Pro 2020 even with minimal activity, consider disabling unwanted apps from running in the background.

To do this, head to the Settings app on your iPad, tap General, tap Background App Refresh, and then turn off the switches next to any apps that you want to prevent from running in the background.


Location services are another reason why your iPad Pro 2020 battery is draining fast. That isn’t limited to iPadOS, either.

To turn off location services, head over to the Settings app, tap Privacy, tap Locations, and then turn off location services for any unwanted apps.

You can also make apps utilize location services. I recommend you that only while you actively use them — that helps to prevent certain apps (such as Apple Maps or Google Maps) from being unusable without location services.


Do you use cellular data on your iPad Pro a lot? If you are in an area with poor cellular network, then you will experience issues with battery life since the cellular antenna on your iPad Pro has to work overtime to establish a stable connection.

You can avoid that by setting your iPad Pro to automatically use Wi-Fi (if available) in instances of poor Cellular connectivity. Start the Settings app on your iPad Pro, tap Cellular, and then turn on the switch next to Wi-Fi Assist.


There’s always the possibility that certain improperly configured settings are the root cause behind the battery drain issues on your iPad Pro 2020. If you are still experiencing rapid Battery Drain issue on your iPad Pro 2020 even after going through the above fixes, then you must consider resetting the settings on your iPad Pro.

Please note, resetting your iPad Pro Settings will completely revert all settings on your Device to their defaults, which includes network-related settings.

To reset the settings, start the Settings app on your iPad Pro, tap General, tap Reset, and then tap Reset All Settings.


You can also utilize various tools to check the health of your iPad Pro battery. After all, you might be experiencing battery draining issues on iPad Pro 2020 due to a degraded battery.

There are a handful of free software programs for both the Mac and Windows that you can use to check the condition of your iPad’s battery easily. I recommend coconutBattery (Mac) or iMazing (Windows and Mac).

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If you have been wondering, “why is my iPad Pro 2020 battery draining so fast?”, “why is my iPad Pro 2020 dying so fast?”, or even wondering, “should i return the device and ask for refund?” Before you start thinking of purchasing the best ipad charger, try the above Solutions to fix iPad Pro 2020 battery Drain Issue.

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  1. So many reasons that could be draining a battery faster. Having a Apple keyboard attached will drain battery some, auto brightness could be maxed out in a bright room.
    Wi-fi and Bluetooth also use energy. Even somme apps use more energy then others. Rather then worrying about getting a certain amount of life I just use it as long as I can and charge it. I can definitely say the added features and improved hardware have affected battery life. Only so much capacity you can place in these devices and battery technology has not improved much over time.

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