iPhone 13 Pro not pearing with Apple Watch? Fix

If your iPhone 13 Pro isn’t pairing with your Apple Watch, there are a number of ways you can fix the connection.

Why Might an Apple Watch Not Pair with Your iPhone 13 Pro?

There are a couple of potential reasons that your Apple Watch may not pair with your iPhone 13 Pro. Most of them are related to software. However, it is not impossible for there to be something happening with the hardware that’s preventing it.
If you just bought the Apple Watch and it is brand-new from the factory, then it seems unlikely that your issue is going to be one of hardware. It will make the most sense to start trying some fixes for software glitches.

If you find your iPhone 13 Pro not connecting to Apple Watch:

  • First, make sure both devices have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.
  • Next, make sure that the Apple Watch and iPhone are sitting right next to each other. Having the devices too far away makes pairing them impossible.
  • Next on, try restarting your Apple Watch and iPhone, as well as resetting your iPhone’s network settings.
  • If nothing works, you can fully reset your iPhone and Apple Watch, wiping your data and almost certainly allowing you to pair your iPhone again — just make sure you backup your iPhone and watch before doing this.

If the Apple watch pairing has failed, the good news is that — in most cases — iPhone 13 Pro not pairing with Apple Watch issues can be fixed in a matter of minutes.

What to Do if Your Apple Watch is Not Pairing with iPhone 13 Pro

Here are the best ways to fix iPhone 13 Pro not pairing with Apple Watch

The fixes below applies to Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch series 5, Apple Watch series 6, and Apple Watch series 7. Let’s get started.

Move your iPhone closer to your watch

If your iPhone isn’t close to your Apple Watch, the devices may have difficulty connecting. There’s a chance your iPhone is simply too far away from your Apple Watch, or that it’s in a bag or drawer that is blocking clear signal.

Because the Apple Watch and iPhone pair via Bluetooth. Proximity is key. So get them closer together and see if that alleviates the issue

Check the settings on your iPhone and Apple Watch

If your Phone has its Bluetooth turned off — or if either of the devices are in Airplane Mode, they won’t be able to pair up. Make sure all settings are set properly to facilitate the connection.

Go to Settings on your Apple Watch and make sure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on.

Turn your devices off and on again

If your Apple Watch isn’t pairing with your iPhone 13 Pro, restart both your phone and Apple Watch. If your Apple Watch is also not syncing with your iPhone 13 Pro, this might allow the devices to sync up.

First turn your iPhone on and off, and if that fixes the issue, no need to restart the Apple Watch.

To turn off your iPhone, hold down the side button and either of the volume buttons until the ”slide to power off” toggle appears, then slide it to power the iPhone off. Hold the side button again to turn the phone back on.

You can shut down your Apple Watch by holding down the side button (not the crown) and then swiping to power off. Press and hold the side button again to turn the watch back on.

Reset your iPhone’s network settings

Try resetting your network settings.

To reset your iPhone’s network settings, open the Settings app, then scroll to General.

In General, find Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset, then tap Reset Network Settings and enter your password to confirm the move. Now try to re-pair the watch.

Reset your Apple Watch

Still having issues? Then it’s time to reset that watch. This fix should resolve Apple Watch not pairing with iPhone 13 Pro issue, but it will wipe saved data off the watch, so you should back it up before doing so.

In the watch’s Settings app, choose General, then Reset, and then tap Erase All Content and Settings.

Then in the Watch app on your iPhone, tap My Watch, and tap the information button beside the watch and choose Unpair Apple Watch.

Now everything should be just like new, and you’ll be able to pair your Apple Watch and iPhone 13 Pro.

What if the Apple Watch and iPhone 13 Pro Still Won’t Pair?

If you’ve tried all the above fixes, and the watch still won’t pair with your iPhone 13 Pro, then it seems likely there is a hardware problem happening rather than a software one. You’ll need to make a Genius Bar appointment.
If you take your devices in and get the employees there to look at them, then they can determine whether some of the internal components of either one are damaged. If they are, then Apple should have the replacements for them. It likely won’t cost you anything, provided that both devices are still under factory warranty or you have the AppleCare package. If you don’t have either one of those, then the repair cost will have to come out of your pocket.

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