Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know for Work Efficiency


Best Mac keyboard shortcuts

If you are a new Mac user, a few tips and timesavers will help you to use your system more efficiently. A dozen of macOS shortcuts are available to streamline your workflow and boost your performance. The article includes keyboard shortcuts that will help beginners and advanced users make the most out of the Mac system.

Activate Spotlight for Quick Search

Press and hold down the Command + Space keys to launch Spotlight, a search interface that lets you find the files on Mac. You can do a variety of tasks in Spotlight, such as locating apps, opening documents, answering basic questions, performing calculations and conversions, etc.

Record Audio in QuickTime Player

The best way to record audio on mac is via QuickTime Player. For audio-only recording, go to File and then select New Audio Recording. Next, click the Options pop-up menu and select either of the options from Microphone or Quality.

You can start a new recording with the ctrl (⌃), alt (⌥), cmd(⌘) + N and save the audio file hitting ⌘ + S.

Switch between Tabs or Apps

Press Command + Tab keys altogether to switch between tabs if you are accustomed to opening multiple tabs while working in Mac. Take a tour of all open apps by holding down the Command key and pressing the tab until you find one you are looking for.

Close a Tab from Multiple Tabs

If you have opened multiple tabs in your Mac and are finding the right one to continue working, you would probably want to close other apps that you do not require anymore. Press and hold down Command + Tab keys to toggle through multiple tabs and then press the Q key to close any unnecessary tab.

Use Hot Corner for Quick Action

The Hot Corner feature in Mac allows you to use the corners of the screen to initiate an action. For example, moving the pointer to the top-left corner will launch the screen saver, and moving the corner to the bottom right corner will lock the screen.

Try Advanced Hot Corners

If you want to enable hot corners but do not want to accidentally activate the feature (as it can be annoying), use one or more modifier keys while setting up Hot Corner. By doing this, your Hot Corner feature will not activate unless you hold down the modifier key.

Switch between Multiple Desktops

Multiple desktops on Mac let you customize more than one desktop for better performance, probably for home and office use. To swap the desktops, press down the Control button and then press the left or right arrow key to shift instantly from one desktop screen to another.

Clean Your Mac Desktop

You need to organize your desktop frequently so that you can instantly find the apps you are looking for. For macOS Mojave or later versions, right-click on the desktop and select Stacks to systematically organize your files.

Delete Files Instantly

To permanently delete any file from your Mac without letting it move to the Trash bin, click the file and press Command + Option + Delete keys altogether. However, it’s not always recommended as you may delete important files accidentally without leaving the chance to recover them later.

Take Screenshots

Press Shift + Command + 5 to enter the interface that will allow you to record your screen (full or part). Alternatively, to take an image screenshot on your Mac, press and hold down Shift + Command + 3 keys. If you wish to select an area to capture on the screen, press and hold Shift + Command + 4.

Open Picture in Picture Feature

Don’t let the videos interrupt your tasks, and maintain a perfect balance between work and entertainment by using the Picture-in-Picture feature. It’s simple; you need to right-click the YouTube video that you are watching and select the picture-in-picture option.

Copy a URL in Your Browser

Learning shortcut keys is fun, and it makes your work just efficient without needing to tap the mouse repeatedly. Pressing and holding down Command + L will highlight the URL in Safari, while pressing Command + C keys will copy the URL.

Enable Alternate Control Methods

Your Mac keyboard allows you to control your mouse cursor, and you can do it from Accessibility Settings in System Preferences. In the Pointer Control option, click the Alternate Control Methods tab. Next, turn on Enable alternative pointer actions and click Options to customize the actions.

Turn iPad into Additional Display

You can turn your iPad into an extra display for your Mac screen in just a couple of seconds. On your Mac, go to the Control Center, click Display, and select iPad. Alternatively, open System Preferences and open Sidebar settings. You can use your iPad as an extended desktop, or it can mirror your Mac’s display.


It is highly recommended to make a habit of using Mac keyboard shortcuts for better proficiency. The more you use them, the more you become familiar with these keys. Hopefully, these key combinations will help to streamline your workflow.

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