How to fix overheating issue on iPhone SE 2020


Wondering how to fix overheating issue on your iPhone SE 2020? The problem of iPhone overheating is not a new thing and there are few tips that you can use to reduce the overheating.

As everybody knows, iPhone SE 2020 has become so much popular due to so many reasons, and most people wish to have one. No doubt, this is the most powerful and popular, but it gets hot, and we can say overheating is a common iOS issue. Have you just come to know about the iPhone SE 2020 overheating issue?

If yes, then you need not worry about it; this has become a common issue for the users who have been using it. Here in this guide, we have come up with the reasons for overeating and ways to fix this issue, so check out the information below:

Why does the iPhone SE 2020 become Hot?

Before learning the ways to fix the overheating issue, you have to know the basic reasons that trigger it. Understanding the cause will aid your fixing process; therefore, here’s a list of reasons because of which your iPhone SE 2020 can become hot:

Charging the device:

Do you use your iPhone while it is in charge? If yes, then you may experience a heating issue. Your device starts heating during charging so that it can be a basic cause of this issue.

The physical condition of the device and hot environment:

You may also face this issue if you subject your phone to a hot environment. You should know all about the acceptable operating temperature that is suitable for the iPhone. The suitable temperature is between 32º to 95º F. The behavior of a device may change during low or high-temperature conditions. It happens as your iPhone tries to regulate its temperature.

Bad quality battery:

Sometimes, the quality of your phone’s battery may be poor, which can cause overheating.

CPU Usage:

If the processor of the iPhone performs more tasks, it will surely generate more heat. There may be lots of applications open in your device, or several processes may be running in the background. Those iPhone users who play lots of games on their devices, then they may face overheating issues. This issue may occur due to the increase in temperature and CPU usage.

The iPhone case design and material:

The material and design of the iPhone case may cause overheating issues, so take better care of quality while buying any such case to offer protection to your device.

How to Fix Overheating Issues in iPhone SE 2020?

Now that you have been acknowledged the reasons which can cause overheating in iPhone SE 2020, it will be easy for you to fix the problem. Check out some of the easy ways to fix the overheating issue, if your iPhone SE 2020 is Hot when used:

1. Avoid hot environments

The ideal temperature range for the normal functioning of the iPhone is said to be between 0 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. If you are using your iPhone in a place where the temperature is above 35 degrees Celsius, your iPhone will tend to overheat. It is okay! Simply rest your iPhone periodically and allow it to cool down. There isn’t much that you can do to get rid of that heat if you are living in that place.

2. Remove phone cases or covers

Try not to use covers or cases that are bulky and do not have sufficient space for dissipating the heat. If the case is trapping heat generated by your iPhone (which normally happens even on mild use), the phone will overheat. Experiment by removing the cover to know whether it is the cover that is causing the problem or not.

3. Check your charger

Is your charger faulty or fake or a cheap replacement? You need to make sure that you are using a charger which is MFi certified. Anything that is not MFi certified is just not for your iPhone. Not only can they cause overheating, but they can also damage your phone. This coveted device you own is pricey. Just buy a proper charger and the issue may disappear.

4. Turn off Bluetooth, mobile data, WiFi, hotspot, location services, etc.

These services are not always needed. For instance, when you go to sleep, keeping these services running doesn’t really make any sense. Not only do they eat up the battery, but they also heat up the phone, significantly reducing battery health and hence, battery life. Turn them off whenever you don’t need them. You can turn them off directly from the Control Center.

5. Use low power mode

When you turn this feature on, it will kill all those services that run in the background and drain the battery and even lead to your iPhone heating. Activities like mail fetch, auto-downloads, etc. are all stopped when you turn on the Low Power mode. This keeps your phone cool.

To activate Low Power Mode, use the following steps:

Head to Settings > Battery > Tap on Low Power Mode and toggle it On

6. Close all background apps

When too many apps run in the background, your iPhone SE 2020 can quickly heat up. Forcefully closing them can help to cool down your iPhone SE 2020 but remember that doing so will do little to help you save any battery juice. When you open those apps again, they will use a lot of battery to take space in the phone’s memory. This drains a lot of battery anyway. Simply swipe up from the bottom of your phone’s screen and hold. Now drag up all the app cards to forcefully kill them.

7. Update software

If there is some bug causing the overheating problem, updating iOS can solve the problem. Follow the steps below to update iOS:

Head to Settings > General > Software Update. If an update is available, tap Download and Install.

8. Reset all settings

Using this option will put your iOS settings and the settings of all the apps to their original settings. This will rule out any software conflict that can lead to an overheating issue. To achieve this, follow these steps:

Head to Settings > General > Reset. Tap on Reset All Settings. Tap Reset All Settings again (confirmation message)
Resetting all settings will not wipe off your personal data but will reset VPN configurations, remove WiFi passwords, clear all paired devices, etc.

Alternately, if you want, you can go for factory settings restoration but before you do so, back up all your data and contact information. To do a factory reset, follow these steps:

Head to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

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iPhone SE 2020 Overheating? Problem fixed

If you have been facing iPhone SE 2020 overheating issue, fret not. In this guide, you will find reasons that cause overheating and ways to fix it. You can try these ways and manage the overheating issue.

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  1. I received a new (refurbished) iPhone SE today. It arrived with zero battery charge – it must have drained during overnight shipping, as usually they come with some charge. I began the activation process and restore from backup. The restore process stopped with a message that it would resume once the phone cooled down. It burned my fingers to pick up! I’ve had it on a literal block of ice in order to complete activation. Apple needs to own up to this problem and replace batteries for free. The reason I needed a replacement in the first place is my phone would no longer charge with a lightning cable and I could only charge it wirelessly. Because of this, Apple and Verizon couldn’t connect it to their “fix all laptops” to resolve a screen issue. Sorry, but shutting off all services, removing covers (risking damage), and operating in low power mode are NOT acceptable answers. I paid good money for a phone. It ought to work.

    • I agree with you Lisa. iPhone is very expensive and should work perfectly without the need to “save” battery for damage. In my case, my iPhone was bought this year and started since yesterday to have overheating issues and the home button suddenly stopped working. So far the sites have given us tips on how to avoid overheating, and I need to use it full time. Supposedly, the iphone should support the apps used at the same time, including games or or anything. And if you go to an Apple store, you will pay an expensive price for the service. If you go to an outsourced store, you run the risk of not having a good service and making it worse.

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