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Several iPhone 12 mini users have reported that they are having problems connecting to the App Store. Further, users stated that this problem started after updating their iPhone 12 mini. The error message: “Cannot Connect to the App Store”. If you are also having this issue, this article explains what you can do when your iPhone 12 mini can’t connect to the Apple App Store and won’t download, install, or update apps.

App Store is one of those apps we take for granted, mostly because it simply works as a mediator between the user and his or her precious apps. Hell freezes and the sky falls once it happens to stop working, though. How will you download that new app you have been so desperately waiting for?

There’s no definite manual for fixing iPhone 12 mini App Store not working, but we have put together a set of tips and tricks that will most likely get your precious app store up and running again. Let’s jump right into the nitty gritty, before you go crazy with no App Store access!

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How to fix App Store not working on iPhone 12 mini

1. Make sure its a user-end problem

Before you go through a bunch of steps attempting to fix the problem, make sure the problem isn’t with Apple itself. The best way to do this is to head somewhere like the Down Detector to see if others are reporting issues. If enough people are claiming similar problems, it could be a temporary server issue that will fix itself with just a little patience.

2. Make sure you are connected to the Internet

Make sure that your iPhone 12 mini is connected to the Internet. You can easily check this by opening the Safari app and trying to load a website, like apple.com or iphonegeeks.com. If your iPhone does not have a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection, try the next solutions.

3. Turn on airplane mode

Not sure how much this one works, but I have heard plenty of people say that switching Airplane Mode on, and then off, will help the App Store get back on track. Hey, it’s not a complicated process and it’s safe. Why not try, right? Go to Settings > Airplane Mode.

4. Toggle Wi-Fi off and on

Just like with Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi could be the issue. Not to mention, your network may very well be having simple connection issues! Toggle Wi-Fi on and off, and play around with the App Store for a few. It just might help. Go to Settings > wi-Fi.

5. Restart your router

I am no expert, but I have fixed a Wi-Fi issue or two by simply restarting my router. It may not always make sense, but give it a try and you just might affect the Wi-Fi magic enough to get things working again. To restart your Wi-Fi router, you can unplug and wait a few seconds and plug back in. Also restart your modem, you can unplug and wait a few seconds and plug back in.

6. Force close the App Store

Sometimes a simple force close is all you need! You can do this by simply swiping up the App Store on your app switcher.

Restart your iPhone!

Like in the good ol’ days, modern electronics sometimes just need a smack to work properly. OK, maybe not an actual smack, but you do need to put everything back in place, and sometimes a simple reboot will do. This will take a minute or two and very often fixes problems. You can restart your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Shut Down.

8. Check your date and time settings

It may seem like a silly suggestion, but often this can be the cause of many iPhone 12 mini App Store issues. This could be due to Apple’s servers having trouble syncing with your date and time settings. Go back and put them on automatic, if they aren’t. If that isn’t helping, try to set your time and date as exactly as you can. Just play around with the time and date settings a bit. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time.

9. Remove VPN settings

Plenty of VPN users say they have encountered issues all over the board. Have you tried deactivating these (if you are using them)?

10. Reset network settings

Reset your Network Settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Note that this will erase your network settings such as your Wi-Fi passwords etc.

11. update iOS

Please ensure that your iPhone is running the latest version of the iOS software. You can check that by going to: Settings > General > Software Update.

12. Remove and re-enter Apple ID account

I don’t have much faith on this one, but some suggest you can remove and re-add Apple ID to fix certain issues. I suppose it’s worth a try before jumping on the last (and most extreme) tip. Just go to Settings > your name and hit Sign out. Then sign in again and try to access to the App Store.

13. Factory reset your iPhone

If all else fails, just wipe your iPhone clean and give it a fresh start. At this point we have no idea what could be causing your App Store discrepancies, but a factory data reset will likely fix most of your issues, as it deletes everything on the iOS device and leaves it the way it was when you turned it on for the very first time. You can perform a factory data reset by going to settings > general > Reset > Erase all content and settings

iPhone 12 mini App Store not working? Problem solved

We hope one of these methods got your iPhone 12 mini App Store back up and running. If nothing helped, the problem has to run deeper than usual and you should probably consult Apple support.

Have any of you run across iPhone 12 mini App Store problems? What did you do to fix it? Hit the comments and let us know if you have used these methods, or if you have any other ones.

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