iPhone 12 mini not making calls? Here’s the fix

If you cannot make calls on your iPhone 12 mini, then you’ll need to come up with a solution quickly. In this article, i’ll explain what to do when your iPhone 12 mini is not making calls. There are several possible fixes that we’ll cover, including network problems, software that needs to be updated, and issues with your network settings.

Smartphone connectivity has continued to improve over the years. People can now send instant messages, make video calls, send emails, etc., using their smartphones. Even with all these, phone calls remains an indispensable feature used to connect with people as it can be accessed on any phone. However, one of the problems users usually encounter is the iPhone 12 mini won’t make calls sometimes.  By reading this post, you’ll know about the reasons why iPhone 12 mini won’t make calls and how to fix the issue and reconnect with your loved ones.

iPhone 12 mini Not Making Calls? Here’s Why & The Fix!

Remove TPU cover or any decorative item from iPhone

Firstly, if you’re unable to make calls on your iPhone 12 mini, it might be because your phone case is interfering with the phone signal. Of course, it happens mostly with metallic or magnetic cases. So, if you recently attached any cover or decorative item to your iPhone, endeavor to remove them to have a good network signal.

Is airplane mode enabled?

Airplane mode automatically turns off all iPhone’s connections like Bluetooth, WiFi, and Cellular network. So, if your iPhone 12 mini is not making calls, it might be as a result that Airplane mode is on.

Normally, your iPhone will pop-up a notification that you’re on Airplane mode when you try to make a call. You can swipe down the Control center to check if the mode is toggled on. Also, you can navigate to Settings > Airplane mode to turn it off. If airplane mode is already off, turn it on, wait about 30 seconds and then turn it off.

Make sure cellular network is available

In order to make calls or even connect to the internet with Cellular data, there must be network coverage. Yes, it’s possible to lose network coverage. It occurs most times when you’re in a location far from the network mast, or when you’re in a basement, or when on a flight.

You will automatically detect this if the signal indicator bar on your status bar is empty or the network name is not showing up.

To be sure there’s network coverage and the problem is not from your iPhone, try asking people near you if they have network coverage on their phone, and if they can make calls. Go to another location and try there to make calls.

Disable, wait 10 seconds, and then enable cellular data by heading to Settings > Cellular or Mobile Data.

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Restart your iPhone

If the iPhone 12 mini is still not making calls after following the above solutions, try restarting the phone. Especially if you’ve been using your phone for a couple of days, restarting it can help fix a lot of software-related issues. Kindly go to settings > General > Shut down.

Check your Sim card

If you have a SIM card, ensure that it is properly inserted. Try removing and then reinserting it. Doing so is simple. Simply locate the SIM tray, next to the tray there is a hole, insert your SIM-eject tool (when you bought your iPhone, the packaging included this tool, if you lost it you can use a paperclip) into the hole. The tray will pop up. Then you can remove the SIM card. See also: iPhone No SIM Card Installed

If you are unable to make calls with your SIM card, ask people if there’s network coverage and insert another SIM card. If it works, try visiting your service provider. If not, visit Apple Store.

Update iOS

Ensure that your iPhone 12 mini is running the most updated version of iOS. You can check for updates by heading to Settings > General > Software Update. And if an update is available, follow the onscreen instructions to update your device. Updating your iPhone will also update the Phone app if you do not have the latest version installed on your device.

Check for carrier settings update

There may be carrier update for your iPhone. Generally, carriers’ settings updates include small files such as network, calling, cellular data, messaging, personal hotspot and voicemail settings. These updates can include essential settings updates from Apple and your carrier. Make sure before you begin that your iPhone is connected to a cellular network or Wi-Fi. After ensuring it’s connected, go to Settings > General > About. If there is an update, a popup will appear. Follow the instructions to update.

Reset your network settings

Please note that resetting network settings will erase your network-related settings such as your Wi-Fi passwords, VPN settings, etc will be permanently deleted. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Check whether the iPhone is damaged

When the call failure happens, try checking if the phone is really working. Your iPhone may be damaged after a heavy drop or by liquid. If any of these happened earlier, a visit to the nearest Apple Store might help.

iPhone 12 mini not making Calls still?

If the above steps have not resolved the call behavior you are experiencing,

  • Contact Apple support as the problem is likely a hardware issue that can be fixed by an Apple technician.
  • Contact your Service provider to Get the Issue Resolved. Alternatively, you can walk into any service center of your network provider for further help.

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