iPhone 12 mini shows no service, no signal? Fix


Is your iPhone 12 mini Showing no service Error? Well, if you see No Service or Searching on your iPhone 12 mini, this means that cellular data and cellular connectivity failed and you are having issues that prevent you from connecting to a cellular network or cellular data. Thankfully, we have some tips and tricks that could help you.

Are you unable to receive phone calls, send text messages because your iPhone 12 mini handset is experiencing signal issue ? It sure is an odd situation to be in. Chances are you have tried all kinds of tricks to get your iPhone back to working condition. You could smash it… or you could let us help you find a solution!

Fix “No Service” error on iPhone 12 mini

Here is how you can troubleshoot cellular network signal issues on iPhone 12 mini:

1. Turn Airplane mode on and off

Airplane mode turns off all wireless antennas, including Cellular data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Sometimes simply turning airplane mode on and off can reset settings and bring everything back to normal. Hey, it’s not a complicated process and it’s safe. Why not try, right? Go to Settings > Airplane Mode.

2. Have you tried rebooting?

We know it seems silly, but we find most iPhone issues are fixed with a simple reboot. Your “No Service” error on iPhone 12 mini problem could be caused by a plethora of possible discrepancies, and chances are that if you are here looking for answers your iPhone complication is a bit more complex, but it doesn’t hurt to remind you to try the good ol’ restart. This will take a minute or two and very often fixes problems. You can restart your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Shut Down.

3. Re-insert your SIM card

It’s a good idea to play with the SIM card a bit if the steps above don’t work for you. SIM cards can move around and sometimes pins don’t keep good contact with the right surfaces. This could prevent the SIM card from connecting to your network thereby causing the “No Service” error . Simply pull it out and reinsert it. Maybe try to clean it a bit? It won’t hurt to try! It’s a good way to try to get mobile network working again. See also: iPhone No SIM Card Installed? Fix

4. Reset Network Settings.

If iPhone 12 mini is still showing the No Service error message, it may mean some extraneous setting was changed along the way. It is likely related to the network, so resetting your network settings to factory defaults might fix the issue. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Note that this will erase your network settings such as your Wi-Fi passwords etc.

5. Check for carrier settings update

There may be carrier update for your iPhone. You can check this by going to Settings > General > About. If there is an update, a popup will appear. Follow the instructions to update.

6. update iOS

Please ensure that your iPhone is running the latest version of the iOS software. You can check that by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

7. What to do if you’re still getting a “No Service” error on iPhone 12 mini

If all else fails to resolve iPhone 12 mini “No Service” error issue, go ahead and perform a factory data reset. This will erase everything on your iPhone and bring all settings to factory defaults. This means your iPhone will be left like the first time you turned it on (software-wise).

This fixes pretty much any software issue you may encounter. It is the best solution to many issues, but it should be used as a last resort, due to the inconveniences deleting all data entails. You can perform a factory data reset by going to settings > general > Reset > Erase all content and settings

8. Seek professional help

Now, if that doesn’t fix the iPhone 12 mini “No Service” issue., you probably need to have a professional personally inspect the device. We would advise reaching out to your carrier, or maybe even Apple support.

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