iPhone SE 2020 keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi? Fix


If your iPhone SE 2020 keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, it means that something is stopping your iPhone from connecting properly with the modem or router.

Wi-Fi connection issues often have less to do with your iPhone , and more to do with the internet connection itself.

There are few things more annoying than when you’re trying to watch a video on your iPhone , and it keeps freezing because your phone doesn’t have a stable connection. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi issues are incredibly common, no matter what phone or setup you have. Luckily, though, there’s a good number of ways to fix iPhone SE 2020 Wi-Fi signal that won’t stop disconnecting.

What to do if your Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting on your iPhone SE 2020

If your iPhone SE 2020 keeps losing Wi-Fi, you need to rule out the simplest fixes:

Make sure you haven’t accidentally put your iPhone SE 2020 into Airplane Mode.
Make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on.
Check that you’re connecting to the correct Wi-Fi network, and have the right password.
If there’s an update available for iOS , install it.
After that, the best solution is the simplest one: turn it off and turn it back on again.

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Restart your iPhone and router

If your iPhone SE 2020 isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi properly, there’s a good chance that restarting your phone and your router will solve the issue, at least for a little while.

The router is like a mini-computer with a CPU, memory, and local storage in the plastic box, running in an operating system. So like a computer, restarting your router can fix iPhone SE 2020 Wi-Fi problems. It is also recommended to wait for 10 seconds after you have turned off your router before restarting it to Ensure that every capacitor is fully drained, and thus every bit of memory is cleared. This ensures that all the settings on the router that may be causing the issue are reset.

To restart your iPhone, simply start the Settings app and go to General, and then tap Shut Down.

Next, use the physical button on your router or use the main wall switch to turn off your Wi-Fi router.

Wait a minute and turn on your iPhone and router. this is most likely to resolve Wi-Fi issues on your iPhone SE 2020. If iPhone SE 2020 connects to wifi but no internet, try the next solution.

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Update Router Firmware

Update your router’s firmware to ensure that the known bugs have been fixed. This should be done regularly as firmware updates for your Wi-Fi router can improve its performance or fix bugs and security issues. To update you are Router, please check the manufacturers guide for instructions.

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Forget Wi-Fi Network and Rejoin

If your iPhone SE 2020 is trying to connect to wi-Fi network but it’s not doing so properly, you can tap on said network’s name and then select “Forget This Network.” Once you do so, rejoin the network (you’ll have to enter the password) and see if the connection is stronger.

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Disable VPN

One of the most common reasons that seem to cause iPhone SE 2020 WiFi issues is VPN. If you have enabled it via the Settings app or a VPN app, then try to disable VPN to see if it resolves the issue. You can disable VPN via the Settings app and navigate to the VPN settings to disable the Status toggle from Connected to Not Connected. If you are not able to disable it, then launch the VPN app to disable VPN temporarily to figure out if it resolves the WiFi problem on your iPhone SE 2020.

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Reset network Settings

No luck? Then next, you can reset your iPhone’s network settings for a fresh start.

In the Settings app, go to “General,” then scroll down to “Reset.”

Under that tab, tap “Reset Network Settings” and then enter your iPhone’s passcode to confirm the reset. Your phone will restart, but you won’t lose any data or apps.

Force Restart your iPhone

simply follow these steps to force restart your iPhone:

Step 1: Quickly press and release the volume up button.

Step 2: Quickly press and release the volume down button.

Step 3: Press and hold down on the side button for about ten seconds. The iPhone will force restart.
Check to see if your iPhone establish a stable internet connection. If your iPhone SE 2020 keeps losing Wi-Fi connection still, try the next solution.

Reset your iPhone

Simply follow these steps to reset your iPhone to factory default:

Step 1: Start the settings app on your iPhone

Step 2: Tap General

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on reset

Step 4: Now, select “Erase all content and settings” and follow the onscreen prompts to reset your iPhone.

Contact your carrier network or Apple Support

If you’ve done all this and your iPhone SE 2020 keeps dropping wifi, it might be time to contact either your internet provider, or Apple support.

We trust one or a combination of these fixes worked for you and your iPhone SE 2020 is no longer connected to Wi-Fi but no Internet. Now you know what to do if Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting on your iPhone SE 2020.
If you have any other questions, let us know in the comments section below.

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