iPhone SE 2020 Microphone not working? Fix

If people can’t hear you on your iPhone SE 2020 or Siri can’t process your requests, one of your iPhone ‘s microphones may be malfunctioning.

This can also cause issues for you if you try to play back recorded audio or change audio sources while on a call.
Begin troubleshooting by determining which of your iPhone SE 2020 three microphones isn’t working.

Occasionally your iPhone SE 2020 microphone malfunctions, making it tough or impossible for people to hear you during phone or FaceTime calls, or even when trying to use Siri . The first step to fixing the problem is identifying which of your iPhone ‘s three microphones is defective.

Then, you can take steps to troubleshoot iPhone SE 2020 microphone not working issue.

How to check if your iPhone SE 2020 microphones are working

The iPhone SE 2020 has three microphones. On the screen side, the one at the top allows your to hear a caller, the one at the bottom allows the caller to hear you, and the one below the camera on the back of the iPhone is used for recording video.

Before testing, check that none of the three microphones are covered or dirty, and make sure that your iPhone is not connected to a wired or wireless headset.

To test the microphone at the bottom of your iPhone , which is also the primary microphone, open Voice Memos and tap the record icon. Record yourself speaking into the microphone, and then play it back. If the microphone isn’t working on your iPhone SE 2020, you won’t be able to hear your voice clearly.

To test the microphone at the top of your iPhone , start the Camera app and record a selfie video.

To test the microphone on the back of the iPhone , record a video using the back camera. As with the voice memo, you should be able to hear your voice clearly when you play back both videos.

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How to troubleshoot your iPhone SE 2020 microphones if they arent working

Once you’ve identified which of the iPhone SE 2020 microphones isn’t working, begin troubleshooting.

Make sure nothing is blocking the microphone

Make sure that the microphone isn’t covered. Take any protective cases off of the iPhone. Ensure that your fingers don’t block the iPhone’s microphone when you’re on a call. Unplug accessories and disconnect any devices that are connected via Bluetooth, especially headsets.

Remove any debris from the microphone

Use a compressed air can to blow air carefully into the microphone. This will get rid of any small debris that may be blocking the sound.

Install the latest iOS software

Make sure that your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS. You can check which version you’re currently running by tapping the Settings app on your iPhone , then tapping on General and Software Update.

Should a new version be available, tap Download and Install.

Reset your network settings and restart your iPhone

If you find iPhone SE 2020 microphone not working after performing the above steps, try resetting your network settings . Note that by doing so, you’re also resetting Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings, so you’ll have to re-enter any previously stored Wi-Fi passwords.

Navigate through the Settings app to the “General” tab, then press “Reset”, then press “Reset Network Settings.”

If this doesn’t work you can try simply restarting your device by turning it off and on. And if all else fails, reach out to Apple Support to figure out the problem.

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