Change these 4 iPhone settings to improve battery life


There are a number of screen settings on your iPhone that make your life so much easier. They can create a more convenient user experience for you and require little more than a few seconds time spent setting them up. But if your iPhone is experiencing rapid battery drain, the problem could actually be one or two settings that are responsible for using up far more battery power than you might be aware of.

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Lower screen brightness

Sure, a brighter screen may make you work less hard to read text, especially at night. But battery drain can be massive if you keep your screen on all the time, according to Apple. “Make sure the brightness slider is set to the lowest level that you are comfortable with under Settings > Display & Brightness,” “Enable Auto-Brightness, which responds to current lighting conditions by automatically darkening or brightening your screen.”

Set Auto-Lock to 30 seconds

The screen lock on your phone can also be set to come on as quickly as possible to reduce screen drain,. You can find Auto Lock under Settings > Display & Brightness, which locks your screen once you haven’t used it for a while. You should set it to 30 seconds for maximum battery life.

Turn off Raise to Wake

Your phone will wake up whenever you pick it up when you use the Raise to Wake feature (which is available on iPhone 6s or newer. Even though it’s convenient, turning on the screen drains your iPhone’s battery the most — and you only have to press a button to do it. Using the Settings app, go to Display & Brightness > Raise to Wake and toggle it off.

Turn off notifications

Do you really need to be notified any time someone posts on a social media app or the app issues an update? Although receiving notifications is handy, your iPhone’s battery is constantly being used to keep up with what an app is doing. In addition, lock screen notifications can drain your battery significantly as they light up your screen for a few seconds to display them.

Consider changing these four screen settings ASAP to extend your iPhoned battery life.

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