AirDrop not working after iOS 15 update? Fix


If AirDrop is not working after iOS 15 update, here is how to fix it in a minute.

How AirDrop works

AirDrop uses Bluetooth to discover devices within a certain range, and then Wi-Fi to send over the content.

Bluetooth connections can reach up to half a mile , but your devices likely need to be within 30 feet of each other to work properly. When Wi-Fi is unavailable, AirDrop will use your cellular service.

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AirDrop lets you wirelessly transfer almost all kinds of files from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to any other nearby Apple device.

If AirDrop is not working on your iPhone running iOS 15, there are some troubleshooting steps you can try to fix the issue and get you back to transferring files with ease.

Here are some steps you can try to troubleshoot many problems with AirDrop if it’s not working in iOS 15. Lets get started:

How to fix airdrop issues in iOS 15

  • If your AirDrop isn’t working on iPhone after iOS 15 update, first check that Bluetooth is turned on.

  • Also make sure that both devices are discoverable.

  • It also doesn’t hurt to try turning AirDrop off and on again for it to reconnect.

  • Make sure the device you want to AirDrop to is also enabled for Everyone .

  • Finally, if your two devices are far apart, bring them closer in case they’re slightly out of range.

Make sure your iPhone’s Bluetooth is turned on

To do that, launch the Settings app on your iPhone. Tap Bluetooth toward the top of the list and make sure the button is green – if not, swipe the button to the right. If you see a prompt to Allow New Connections , tap on it to allow your device to connect to new devices.

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Make sure AirDrop is turned on

By default, your AirDrop setup will be set to receive files from “Contacts Only.” If you’re having trouble receiving an AirDrop file, check to see if the sender is in your contacts list. If not, you can either add them, or you can change your settings to expand your AirDrop recipients to anyone nearby.

  1. Start the Settings app.
  2. Select General > AirDrop.
  3. Change your discoverability setting to “Everyone.”

Update iOS

Apple frequently releases new updates to iOS that are designed to fix software bugs. If AirDrop isn’t working, install the latest updates for your devices as they may fix it.

On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Update. If an update is available, tap download and install.

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Restart Both Devices

Restarting your devices may seem like cliché fix, but it might be all you need to get AirDrop working again. And it only takes a moment to try it. To restart your iPhone, go to settings > General > shut down.

Restart Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on Both Devices

A particularly useful solution if AirDrop is not working after iOS 15 update is to disable and re-enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. To do this, launch the Control Center and tap the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons to turn them off and on.

Disable VPN for AirDrop to Work

Some users found that AirDrop didn’t work until they turned off the VPN on their iPhone. You might need to do this in the VPN app or in your device settings.

On your iPhone, go to Settings and turn off the VPN toggle.

Disable Personal Hotspot on Your iPhone

Make sure the Personal Hotspot feature on your iPhone is turned off. Since AirDrop uses WiFi and Bluetooth to transfer data between devices for nearby sharing, you have to turn off Personal Hotspot so that those connections are available for your iPhone to use for AirDrop. Don’t worry; your devices don’t need to actually be connected to the internet to send or receive files via AirDrop. They simply need to be able to access the WiFi and Bluetooth functionality to transmit. Go to Settings > Personal Hotspot on your iOS device to turn off that feature, then try using AirDrop again.

Send a Single File Instead of Multiple

AirDrop gives you the ability to share multiple file types at once. But if AirDrop isn’t working on your iPhone running iOS 15, you might want to simplify the process by sending a single file at a time instead.

AirDrop files automatically open in a relevant app. For instance, images open in the Photos app. But multiple file types don’t always open in the same app, which might explain why the AirDrop transfer failed.

Check the Downloads Folder for Missing Files

If AirDrop sent a file to your device but you can’t find it, take a look in the Downloads folder. On an iPhone, open the Files app and look for a Downloads folder in iCloud Drive.

Sign Into Your Apple ID Account Again

On your iPhone, head over to Settings > [Your Name] > Sign Out. Choose the data to keep on your device, then confirm you want to Sign Out. After signing out, return to Settings to sign in to your Apple ID again.

Reset the Network Settings on Your iPhone

If non of the above solutions works for you, restart the network settings on your iPhone to fix all kinds of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth problems, including problems with AirDrop not working after iOS 15 update. When you reset these settings, your device forgets any Wi-Fi passwords you’ve saved, so you’ll have to reconnect to trusted networks again. To do this, head over to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > reset and tap Reset Network Settings. Hopefully, AirDrop starts working again after the reset.

If AirDrop Still Isn’t Working after iOS 15 update

Sometimes a problem really is a problem. Like any electronics, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios and the various connections to them can have problems. If your device is still under warranty, don’t walk; run to your nearest Apple Store to get it checked out.

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