How to Fix iPhone 13 Pro Bluetooth Problems


Is Bluetooth not working on iPhone 13 Pro? Was the Bluetooth on your phone working fine and now it won’t even show an available connection? Is your Bluetooth having pairing issues? Will your Bluetooth not even switch on? Here are some suggestions and tricks that you can use to get your Bluetooth back up and running properly again.

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This guide will start with the basics and provide troubleshooting that can be carried out to resolve the most common iPhone 13 Pro Bluetooth issues and will progress to more in-depth troubleshooting. So let’s start from the basics and go from there.

Problems with Bluetooth Connectivity with iPhone 13 Pro

Some common Bluetooth related issues that many iPhone 13 Pro users are reporting include:

  • Bluetooth not turning on
  • Bluetooth unavailable or unable to connect to the Bluetooth accessory or car audio
  • Bluetooth devices suddenly disconnecting
  • Crackling sound during call
  • Unable to initialize calls over Bluetooth
  • Not able to connect to new Bluetooth devices
  • When connected to AirPods or car stereo, music tracks skip or stutter

in this article, you will get to see multiple fixes for these kind of problems. Let’s see how to fix iPhone 13 Pro Bluetooth issues.

How to fix iPhone 13 Pro Bluetooth Issues

Toggle Bluetooth

The first thing to do in case of Bluetooth failure on your iPhone 13 Pro will be to toggle the Bluetooth, which is also the easiest fix to try. To do so, turn off the Bluetooth by going to settings > Bluetooth. After waiting for a few seconds, you can turn on Bluetooth and check whether everything is working fine or not.

Restart iPhone

If your iPhone 13 Pro started to suddenly have Bluetooth issues unexpectedly and out of the blue then try powering your phone off, wait a minute (30-60 seconds), and then power the phone back on. Then try to establish a connection again and see if this simple trick helped to fix it. If not then proceed to the next suggestion.

Force restart iPhone

Another common fix to any issue on an iOS device is performing a force restart. If the problem is because of some bug in the operating system of your iPhone 13 Pro, a force reboot can fix it since we are reloading the operating system in the memory of your device. Doing so can also fix problems with your device, including Bluetooth issues. To do this: press and release the volume up and then volume down button. On the other side of the device, press and hold the side button until the screen switches off and then back on. Release the side button when the Apple logo appears.

Disconnect From a Bluetooth Device

Another step to try is to disconnecting and reconnecting to a problematic Bluetooth device. Once again, go to Settings > Bluetooth. Select the specific Bluetooth device and then choose  disconnect.

After that, it’s best to turn off the Bluetooth device and then turn it back on to see if it will reconnect.

Forget a Device and Pair Again

If that doesn’t fix iPhone 13 Pro bluetooth not Working Issue, a more advanced fix is to have your phone completely forget the Bluetooth device and then go through the pairing process once again.

In the Settings > Bluetooth menu, select the device. On the next page, choose Forget This Device. Then go through the pairing process with the Bluetooth device again.

Check the other device

Usually pairing the Bluetooth on your iPhone 13 Pro with another device is pretty straightforward and very user friendly. If you are still having difficulties pairing to another device then try and make sure to check that device to make sure that it is functioning properly. It may not be an issue with your iPhone but an issue with that other device.

So make sure that the other unit is setup correctly and that you are trying to pair your iPhone to that device properly. If by the off chance another phone can pair to that other device but your phone is still having issues then there can still be a problem with the software on your device (which the next section of this article should help solve) or a hardware issue where an actual piece of the phone is defective or malfunctioning in which case you will have to look into your repair or replacement options (which we’ll cover later in the article as well).

Reset Network Settings

Another great way to fix any Bluetooth issues on your iPhone 12 Pro is to reset the network settings of your smartphone. This will change all of the Bluetooth settings back to the default values, which can fix many issues related to Bluetooth. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Transfer or reset iPhone > Reset. On that page, select Reset Network Settings and type in your passcode. Then your iPhone will turn off and restart. After that, try to pair a Bluetooth device once more.

Restore as a New iPhone

If none of the fixes mentioned above has worked for you, then you should consider performing a factory reset on your iPhone 13 Pro. Doing so will make your phone exactly like it was out of the box. This means that whatever was causing the issues with Bluetooth will get deleted, and you will not face any Bluetooth-related problems in the future. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone and choose Erase All Content and Settings. Your iPhone passcode is required to start the process. Make sure you’ve backed up!

Time to Contact Apple

If these steps don’t help your iPhone 13 Pro Bluetooth issues, visit your nearest Apple Store. The trained professionals at the Apple Store will help you and successfully fix your problems, even if it is a hardware-related issue.

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iPhone 13 Pro Bluetooth not working: Fixed

While it’s never fun to troubleshoot, hopefully these tips and tricks will help get your iPhone 13 Pro Bluetooth working again. Have you faced Bluetooth problems on your iPhone 13 Pro? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. My 2 day old I phone 13 doesn’t pickup any bluetooth devises of any kind, so far, ever. The little spinning wheel next to devises, just spins and spins, recognizing nothing. I have tried four different devises, up to this point, and all of the recommended tricks above, except Restoring, so far. I will take it to Apple before I do that I think. Thank you.

      • Wondering if this was ever fixed. I have a phone just connected today and I can’t get bluetooth to work either – it just spins. So annoying! I’ve done the restart, the toggle, researching, updates – I’ll be calling Apple!

      • Same here – Anyone figure this out – Iphone 13 Pro won’t find devices – Well it finds one but wheel keep spinning – My MacBook Pro found my phone and tried to connect that way – But then my phone says MacBook Pro not supported – M1X Macbook Pro and all software up to date on both.
        Any ideas?

    • Im experiencing same issue! So frustrated with it – grrrr. Dont live near an Apple store, is there online or telephone help?

    • I had a similar issue. I found out it wasn’t the phone it was that my Logitech head set was not set to discovery so the phone never could find it.

  2. Good afternoon. I am using my brand new iPhone 13 with a Bluetooth pairing to a Muzen Wild Mini speaker I also just purchased. The devices pair and connect without issue, however I am experiencing a Bluetooth stutter every three seconds. I have go e through the basic steps highlighted in this article. Any thoughts?

  3. Anything bluetooth connected to my phone cuts in and out after about 10 minutes. I have an earpiece, brand new earbuds, and a brand new car. Always the same thing after about 10 minutes. I got the phone about 3 months ago. It’s almost like the cell signal is poor, but I always use my earbuds and earpiece via wifi. I have tried all of the above, with no success

  4. I have had my iPhone 13 Pro for about 3 months. About a month ago the bluetooth connections to devices such as bluetooth hearing aids and Windows 10 PC stopped working with them. The phone says they are connected but when I click on the device the bluetooth says it it can’t find them. Toggling the bluetooth on/off on my iPhone fixes the issues but it always comens back from a few hours to a day. It should jsut work and it doesn’t. not a good customer experience. I contacted Apple and got zero response or assistance

  5. Just got my phone 2 weeks ago and it will pair with any other apple products (watch, iPad, etc.) no problem but I can’t connect anything else. Can’t even connect to my car.

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