How to fast charge your iPhone 13 Pro in 2022

You’re ready to start your day and oh no! Dead cell battery. Fortunately, there’s help. Here’s how to charge your iPhone 13 Pro faster.

Is there anything worse than waiting for your iPhone 13 Pro to charge when you have somewhere to be? Even if you’re doing all that you can to make your iPhone 13 Pro battery last longer, it’ll eventually hit zero and you’ll need to wait around for it to charge.

While waiting for your iPhone to charge can feel like forever, that seemingly long charge time isn’t entirely psychological. There’s no magic trick that will have your iPhone’s battery going from zero to 100 percent in 10 minutes, but there are a few things you can do to ensure your iPhone’s charging capabilities aren’t being held back.

Here’s some helpful tips on how to make your iPhone 13 Pro charge faster:

1. Use a wall charger to charge iPhone 13 Pro faster

You should always try to use a wall charger when juicing up your iPhone 13 Pro. While USB charging cables make it easy to plug your iPhone into a PC, laptop, or gaming console, that will almost always result in a longer charge time.

Even if you’re using a charger with lower wattage, an outlet will usually charge faster most of the time.

2. Don’t use wireless charging

While wireless charging is super convenient (and really cool) it doesn’t work as well as plugging your iPhone in. Use a wireless charging pad for your iPhone when you’ve got time to spare or you’re charging overnight, but use a good old-fashioned cable when time is of the essence.

3. Use a fast charger

The iPhone 13 Pro supports “fast charging,” which should take your device from zero to about 50 percent battery in around 30 minutes.

That sounds lovely, but Apple has never included a charger with a high enough wattage to support fast charging. That free charger from your older model is probably a slow 5W one and you need at least a 20W charger to fast charge your iPhone 13 Pro. And Apple doesn’t even include a charger with its iPhones anymore.

A higher wattage charger will charge your iPhone a lot faster, but know that there’s a limit. It’s not like you can simply buy a 100W charger and juice up your iPhone in a handful of minutes. For example, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a charging ceiling of 27W; it won’t charge faster than that with a compatible charger.

4. Don’t use your iPhone while it’s charging

While your iPhone is plugged in and regaining strength, leave it alone! It’s not just heavy usage like streaming videos or playing games that will slow your charging efforts — going on a texting spree or scrolling through Instagram will also slow things down. If your battery is in the red, try to leave it alone while it’s charging.

5. Turn off your iPhone for a faster charge

If you can, you should turn your iPhone off entirely for the fastest charge. Even if you’re leaving your iPhone alone, it’s probably refreshing apps in the background or pulling your location — all things that will slow charging.

6. Turn On Low Power Mode to Charge Your iPhone 13 Pro Faster

While this won’t bump up your charging time more than shutting your iPhone off completely, enabling Low Power Mode shuts down a lot of background functions that can tax the battery.

You can turn on Low Power Mode in your battery settings.
To turn on Low Power Mode, open up your Settings app and find the “Battery” menu. The Low Power Mode toggle is at the very top of the menu. If you really want to watch your battery, you can set Low Power Mode to turn on automatically when your iPhone hits a certain battery percentage.

7. Turn Off Optimized Battery Charging to Charge Your iPhone 13 Pro to 100%

In a bid to increase the battery life of iPhones, Apple now stops your iPhone from charging past 80% when it is connected to a charger for long periods of time. So, if you need to charge your iPhone 13 Pro to 100% faster, you can disable a feature called Optimized Battery Charging.

To turn off the Optimized Battery Charging feature on your iPhone, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and tap the slider next to Optimized Battery Charging. You will then see a pop-up warning you that this feature helps reduce your battery, so you should only choose to enable the feature briefly.

From here, you can also see information about your iPhone’s battery health, including its current Maximum Capacity. This tells you how much power your battery can store compared to when it was new. You might also see additional warnings on this screen if there are issues with your iPhone’s battery.

8. Remove Your iPhone Case to Prevent Overheating

To prevent your battery from being damaged, iPhones will now slow down or stop charging if the device gets too hot. And since charging your battery generates a lot of heat, Apple recommends you remove your iPhone from its case if you notice it getting hot.

You can also prevent your iPhone from overheating by placing it in a cool area, away from direct sunlight while it’s charging.

How to charge iPhone 13 Pro fast? Now you know!

These were some tips on how you can charge your iPhone 13 Pro faster than usual, with or without a fast charger. I personally use these tips in my daily usage to charge my iPhone 13 Pro as quickly as possible. Anyway, try them and let me know if they make any difference for you in the comments.

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