iPhone keyboard, Notifications and Lock Sound Volume Low? Fix


Complaints of some annoying notifications, lock screen and keyboard sound issues on the iPhone have been flowing in for around a month now, but it seems that Apple is yet to acknowledge the issue.

Some of such complaints are given below.

iPhone keyboard and lock sound low
“Hello, my iPhone seems to have a strange problem with the keyboard and lock sounds, it will stay quiet until I start typing then it gets loud. It’s so frustrating, I tried force restart and resetting but it didn’t help with this issue. Did anyone have a similar problem?”

iPhone lock sound low:
“Hi, does anyone know if the iPhone 12 lock sound low issue is fixed ? For anyone unfamiliar with the issue, when the ringer is on, the lock sound will sound cut off, leading me to turn off lock sounds. Thank you.”

As apparent from the above comments, in this issue, some system sounds like lock, unlock and typing sounds don’t seem to play properly.

Users state that the sound either gets cut off, sounds muffled, gets too loud, or plays at different volume levels each time.

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Getting a notification is one of the most important things our iPhones do! And missing a notification is not fun, especially when they come from your boss or a family member. So when you can’t hear your iPhone’s notifications or your keyboard sound because the iPhone notification volume is too low, it’s a real problem.

Today, we share the one setting that fixes notification sound not working on iPhone for most folks. And we’ll add on some additional tips to get your iPhone keyboard, notifications and lock Sound playing loudly AND consistently!

So let’s get to it!

iPhone notification volume too low? Check this one setting for notifications volume problems

Folks with Face ID enabled iPhones, like the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 pro, iPhone 12 pro max, iPhone 11 models (11, 11 Pro, & 11 Pro Max) & X Series (XR, XS, XS Max, & X) notice this problem more than others (and older) iPhone models.

So if you find iPhone notification volume too low, or if your iPhone notification volume keeps going down, this tip is for you!

We mentioned there was a single setting that usually fixed the notification sound not working on iPhone problem, and that setting is part of your iPhone’s Face ID. It’s called Attention Aware Features.

Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode
Toggle off Attention Aware Features.
When you deselect Attention Aware Features, your ringer and alert volume remains loud even when you pick up and look at the phone

When this feature is on, the TruthDepth camera, checks if you are paying attention and if it believes you are, it automatically lowers the volume when you look at the screen when the phone is ringing or when an alarm triggers.

It’s strange but true that on iPhones with Face ID there are special settings to adjust how loudly your phone rings AND they’re located in your Face ID & Passcode settings!

Turn your iPhone’s ringer’s volume all the way up

For those with older model iPhones without Face ID or if your ringer problem isn’t related to attention aware features, try increasing the overall ringer volume.

Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics
Locate the section Ringer and Alerts
Slide the volume control all the way to the right
If you want to control the ringer’s volume with the side (physical) volume controls, toggle the switch for Change with Buttons on.

Tapping Change with Buttons allows you to manually adjust the volume of your notifications or your ringer as needed, via the physical volume buttons on the side of the phone.

When this option is off, tapping the physical volume buttons doesn’t change the volume of your notifications or your keyboard. If you find your iPhone notification sounds not loud enough, check the next solution.

Will a Soft Reset Solve Volume Problems?

The classic advice of turning your computer off and on again when an issue arises is a great way of fixing problems on your iPhone too.

Attempting a force-restart on your iPhone could clear your device of any minor software issues. Don’t worry; you won’t lose any personal data through restarting.

Is Your iPhone Up-to-Date?

You might be running an old version of iOS. While this shouldn’t make iPhone notification sounds low, it’s always worth keeping your iPhone updated to iron out potential problems. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to see if a new iOS version is available.

If the problem lies in an app—for example, volume everywhere on your iPhone except when using a specific app—check whether there’s an update to install via the App Store. If not, you could contact the developer and ask for advice.

Have You Got a Loose Connection?

A loose connections sounds like a major issue, and it can be. Fortunately, in some circumstances, it’s incredibly easy to set right, especially if you have an older device.

Simply apply a bit of pressure to the bottom-right corner of your phone. Put your thumb to the right of the Home button, with your index finger in the same position on the back, and gently squeeze. You’ll need to maintain this for about 20 seconds, then release. If a connector is loose within your phone, this action can reposition it.

You may need to take off your phone case if you use one, although it will depend on the thickness. You’ll definitely need to remove a shatter-proof model, but a thinner plastic shell shouldn’t interfere.

Some people say that this same method worked for them by applying pressure (or merely tapping on the phone) near the Volume buttons. If you do this, however, be careful not to damage the screen.

Is Your Phone Stuck in Headphone Mode?

This largely affects older iPhones with headphone jacks, but newer models can still be affected by dirt in the charging port.

If your iPhone thinks earphones are attached, it will play music through a non-existent connection. Adjust the volume using the side buttons; the screen will tell you if it’s apparently being routed through another speaker.

If you use AirPods, the Bluetooth solution above should fix it. Otherwise, shine a light in the headphone jack. You might see some blockage. But since this debris can be tiny, you could have an issue even if you don’t see anything.

Try to insert headphones or a charging cable, then remove them. Do this a few times and test the volume again. Doing so could dislodge any dirt inside.

how to clean your headphone port jack smartphone
Use a soft lens cloth to gently clean the jack area. You can also use a dry cotton swab, cotton ball, or toothbrush to lightly rub around the edge of the small recess. Don’t press anything into recesses because you may push dirt further inside. You can apply a little rubbing alcohol to the cotton beforehand. However, avoid other liquids as these can cause further damage.

Even small amounts of sweat can trick your phone into thinking headphones are connected. Sadly, if these tricks don’t help—and you’re not experienced enough to deconstruct your device—you’ll need to visit Apple for professional help.

Your iPhone Volume, Now Loud and Clear

If your iPhone keyboard, Notifications and lock Sounds volume is still low or non-existent, it’s time to contact Apple support. In most cases, though, you shouldn’t be too worried about iPhone notification volume bug. They’re usually caused by a simple oversight.

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  1. iPhone 12 mini. Notification volume is too low.
    Attention Aware Features is not the problem.
    Try to set the same text tone to your Ringtone and you will hear the difference.

    • It’s way louder if my text tone is used as a ringer. Same if i use it as my alarm tone. Why is apple manipulating the text volume all of a sudden? Everything they’re doing lately is convoluted with zero benefit other than a chnace for them to say “ because we’re Apple, and we can…”

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