iPhone SE 2020 Not Downloading Apps? Fix

It can be frustrating when your iPhone SE 2020 won’t download apps. There’s little value in an iPhone SE 2020 if it can’t make use of the vast Apple app store and its library of applications. Fixing this problem usually isn’t very hard.

If your iPhone SE 2020 will download apps but not update them, that’s a different fix
These tips also apply to all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running the recent versions of iOS.

Reasons Why iPhone SE 2020 Won’t Download Apps

While fixing an iPhone SE 2020 that won’t download apps is fairly straightforward, the causes aren’t easily diagnosed. Causes may stem from App Store rules, simple software bugs, or problems with your Apple ID or iPhone settings. Rather than providing a list of the causes here, each solution below provides some background for the issue.

One simple explanation for why you can’t download apps is that there’s not enough storage space on your iPhone. There are ways to free up storage on an iPhone and even expand your iPhone’s memory.

How to Fix an iPhone SE 2020 That Won’t Download Apps

There are several ways to fix an iPhone SE 2020 that fails or stalls while attempting to download apps. If apps on your iPhone SE 2020 won’t download, try these fixes, in this order.

Download over Wi-Fi

You may reach a limitation of the App Store if you download an app over a cellular connection like 4G LTE. Apple limits the size of apps you can download over cellular networks to 200 MB. (Older versions of iOS set the limit to 150 MB.) This prevents people from using too much data on a single download. If the app you want to download is bigger than that, connect to Wi-Fi and try again.

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Restart your WiFi router

When you see apps not downloading on your WiFi network, the first thing you can do is restart your router. Simply unplug your Router from the power source. Wait about 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Now check to see if your iPhone SE 2020 won’t download apps still.

Alternatively, try using another WiFi network to download apps if such option is available.

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Restart the App Store app

The bug in downloading the app may have to do with the App Store app. Quitting the App Store app may clear the bug. To force close the App Store:

Swipe up from the bottom on your iPhone to reveal all active apps
Scroll to find the App Store
Swipe up to close it
After you quit the app, re-open the App Store app and try downloading the app again.

Pause and restart the app download

This tip works when the app downloads for some time and then getts stuck.. If an app icon appears on your home screen, but the download has slowed or stalled, tap the icon for the app you’re attempting to install. This pauses the download. Wait a short time and then tap it again to resume the download.

Restart the iPhone

Sometimes you need to restart a device to get things working again. There may be a temporary glitch in the operating system or a software component. A restart usually resolves these issues. Simply press the power button for a few seconds to turn it off and then again to turn it on.

Check your Apple ID payment method

To download apps on your iPhone SE 2020, you need to connect a payment method to your Apple ID, even if you’re downloading a free app. If you do not have a payment method on file, or if your card is expired, it might be the answer to the “why won’t my iPhone SE download apps” question. This can also lead to a Verification Required pop-up message. Adding a valid payment method may solve the problem.

Sign out of the App Store and sign back in

If you find your iPhone SE 2020 not downloading apps, it may signify that something is wrong with your Apple ID. If the connection between your iPhone and the Apple App Store is disrupted, signing out and signing back in may fix it. Go to Settings, tap your name at the top, and choose Sign Out at the bottom. Then, sign back in by selecting Sign In and entering your Apple ID username and password.

Update iOS

Updates to iOS—the operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch—frequently resolve software bugs. It could be that your iPhone SE 2020 cannot download apps because of a bug in the OS. An easy, fast, and free OS update may solve the problem. Go to settings > general > software update.

Set the correct date and time

Incorrect date and time settings may be the reason why your iPhone SE 2020 won’t download apps. The easiest way to solve this is to make your iPhone automatically set its date and time so that it’s always correct. Go Settings > General > Date & Time. Move the Set Automatically toggle switch to On (green).

Reset the iPhone settings

Bugs sometimes stem from low-level settings. You can’t always see or fix these settings individually, but iOS gives you a way to reset all settings. Doing this won’t erase your data, but it can solve iPhone SE 2020 not downloading apps issue. Here is how:
Go to Settings ➙ General
Tap on Reset
Tap Reset All Settings

Check the Apple ID you’re using

If you have a problem updating an app on your iPhone SE 2020, the problem could be the Apple ID you’re using. When you download an app, it’s tied to the Apple ID you’re logged into at the time. If you change the Apple ID you’re using, apps tied to the old ID can’t update. Sign in to other Apple IDs you’ve used, following the instructions in step 6 above.

Get help from Apple

If you tried all these steps and your iPhone SE 2020 still won’t download apps, you need help from the experts at Apple. You can get online or phone support at the Apple website, or make an appointment at the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store for in-person help.

As you can see, there are so many ways to correct the “iPhone SE 2020 not downloading apps.” We trust one of them is going to work for you.

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